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Tuesday 22 May 2019

On Twitter: Stare Decisis @MsResJudicata: "New York Fed leader John Williams says the economy operating with historically low unemployment without sparking inflation is good news ". Apparently not such good news for federal government employees compared to nominal economic growth (inflation + real standard of living growth) :

Monday 21 May 2019

Walmart, Target, Bed Bath must face lawsuit over fake 'Egyptian' cotton: NY judge - Reuters

On Twitter: Anil @anilvohra69: "US cuts off Huawei from tech. How long before China cuts off US from rare earths? If it does, say bye-bye to high capacity batteries. Wonder how well an iPhone runs without batteries? Hmm. Or an electric car without electricity?" A lot of technological advancement appears to eminate from China, like cheap Lithium batteries, and efficient solar panels. Trump is going to force China to develop its own semiconductors and software. In the future China is probably going to take over this market, like they have other products. A lot of US workers have already been forced to work in the service industry because the US can't compete with cheaper manufacturing elsewhere. It is going to get worse. Trump wants to withhold technology from China, whilst the US has an inferior technology work force:

From 7 Dec 2018: American science in decline as China’s rises - University World News. "The US also relies on Asian graduates staying on to fill vacancies in engineering, physics and chemistry. The shortage is because of America’s low science education requirements in its schools."

From 20 Feb 2019: America’s STEM Crisis Threatens Our National Security (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) - American Affairs." the past 15 years, India and China have outpaced the United States in the number of science and engineering (S&E) bachelor’s degrees conferred.” Indeed, “these two countries have produced almost half of the total degrees, with India at 25% and China at 22% of the global total.” Meanwhile, “American S&E bachelor’s degrees comprised only 10% of the global total."

Infineon denies report that it has suspended Huawei shipments - Reuters.

From 6 May 2019: Chart of the Day: China Exposure in Semiconductors Tells the Tale - Real Money.

Sunday 20 May 2019

The media creates an exaggerated impression of the impact of the trade wars. Chinese imports were 2.6% of the US economy in 2018. As can be seen from the list of major Consumer Expenditures from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, only 3.0% is spent on Apparel and Services, some of which is imported. Some of the 12.6% food is also traded, but the resale costs and restaurant services is likely to be much bigger. Some cars and oil (EIA) for fuel are imported under the 15.8% transportation. The US has already isolated itself from the rest of the world through import restrictions and subsidies, which has made imports cheap. Because imports have become cheap, they are now small compared to the local expenses.

On Twitter: Yahoo Finance @YahooFinance: "Meet the 20-year old bitcoin trader who says he turned $1,000 into $3.7 million". Other people will need to lose $3.7 million, because no useful economic output was generated to obtain the money.

Johnny Depp Accuses Ex-Wife Amber Heard Of Fabricating Abuse Allegations - Huffpost.

Homebuilder stocks have outperformed tech stocks so far this year - Yahoo Finance. The more you borrow, the more you can build. The lenders (savers) are paying for it by losing money against high actual inflation.

It's Been 14 Months Since Trump Said 'Trade Wars Are Good And Easy To Win' - Talk Markets. It is also easy to run a business by borrowing money, and defaulting on the debt.

Australian regulator moves to boost the housing market - ForexLive.

Panasonic Joins Forces With Tropos Motors On eCUV - InsideEVs.

Saturday 19 May 2019

Google suspends Huawei's Android support (updated) - Engadget. Any business dependent on Google products will need to reconsider. Microsoft products should be banned outside the US. The operating system could easily be used to collect information.

Modi’s jobs deficit: J&J’s largest India plant idle three years after completion - Reuters.

The First Paralyzed Man Ever Treated With Stem Cells Has Regained Movement - Physics-Astronomy.

Friday 18 May 2019

Massive flooding in New Orleans as five pumps go offline - World Socialist Web Site. Again.

Low Inflation: Consumers See A Core Disconnect - Talk Markets.

In April 2019, Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Sweden Increased 44% - InsideEVs. "at a strong 10% market share". It is inexplicable that people still buy fuel cars. These people have probably never serviced a car themselves, or seen dirty oil come out of an engine. Car engines generate a lot of heat because they are very inefficient – What is an efficiency of modern average car IC engines?. Electric motors have an efficiency of 90+%. Instead of using up the brakes, and cleaning off brake dust, the battery can be recharged.

Friday 17 May 2019

Brazil rides wave of soybean sales to China as U.S. trade war rages - Reuters.

Losing Huawei as a customer could cost US tech companies $11 billion - CNN. More than that, as China will have to develop replacement parts, which will be sold to everyone cheaper.

This Market Action Is More Computer Driven Than Fundamentally Driven - Real Money.

More than half of millennials in their 30s still banking on Mom and Dad - Yahoo Finance.

How a cheap, brutally efficient grocery chain is upending America's supermarkets - CNN. "Aldi, the no-frills German discount grocery chain"

On Twitter: Daniel Lacalle @dlacalle_IA: "All over Europe you will hear or read governments say that their sovereign bond yields are falling due to their excellent policies... Japanisation from financial repression.": chart.

NTSB Report on Death of Tesla Driver Using Autopilot Raises Troubling Questions - The Street. Tesla Autopilot fatal crash with truck is under investigation, preliminary report released - Electrek. It looks like Autopilot only works under ideal driving conditions, and the roof is not strong enough. Tesla driver gets license suspended after drunkenly falling asleep on Autopilot - Electrek. "The police managed to safely wake him up while Autopilot was driving the vehicle unsupervised."

UN says civilians targeted in airstrikes on Yemen's capital - A News. Are these the weapons Trump sold to the Saudis?

Chelsea Manning jailed again after refusing to testify against WikiLeaks - World Socialist Web Site.

Disneyland, dozens of cities could be flooded by dam failure from huge storm, engineers warn - LA Times. Winter has come to California... in May. Record rainfall, more snow on the way for California - LA Times.

Trump's diversion of billions for border wall faces first U.S. court test - Reuters.

From air taxis to the Batmobile: The coolest and weirdest things at France’s massive tech expo - CNBC.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Rejuvenate Bio Using Gene Therapy Has Reversed Aging Effects in Mice and Dogs - Next Big Future.

Credit card rates are now at their highest level in history and may weigh on the economy - CNBC.

Warning: Signs of credit crisis grow - Axios.

Walmart says higher China tariffs will increase prices for U.S. shoppers - Reuters.

Parents who raise children as vegans should be prosecuted, say Belgian doctors - The Telegraph.

From 23 Oct 2009: Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession - Hollywood Reporter. Why do economists promulgate the official inflation rate, and therefore economic growth statistics, when the public experiences higher inflation?

From 26 April 2019: Consumer Expenditures - Bureau of Labour Statistics. Consumers spent +5.3% more than a year ago, excluding cash contributions, insurance and pensions. If they bought the same products, that would be the inflation rate.

On Twitter: David Ingles @DavidInglesTV: "Australian bond yields are down under": chart. Another country in trouble judging by falling interest rates. Australia's Imploding Housing Market Now Threatens To Unleash Nasty Recession - Zero Hedge.

On Twitter: Reuters Business @ReutersBiz: "JUST IN: Huawei says it will seek remedies to Trump's export blacklist, adds that sanction 'will do significant economic harm to the American companies with which Huawei does business' ".

On Twitter: Maria Bartiromo @MariaBartiromo: "Wilbur Ross on Huawei: Many rural telecom carriers already using it in 4G environment @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness".

Trump executive order enables ban on Huawei telecom gear - Aljazeera. China could retaliate by banning US products in China, like Apple products.

Australian islands home to 414 million pieces of plastic pollution - Science Daily.

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Group of 19 University of Florida students robbed at gunpoint in South Africa - SunSentinel. "A group of students from the University of Florida who had traveled to South Africa as part of an outreach trip ..."

Why former fed chair Alan Greenspan is wrong about inflation estimates - NY Post. Have you tried broccoli with a cheese sauce?

Stock Market Briefing: S&P 500 Revenues & the Economy - Yardeni.

Can Tariffs Bankrupt Americans? - Talk Markets. Will the targeting of legitimate exports persuade the China goverment to take action against counterfeit goods? This assumes that exporters have some influence over the government. US farmers who have lost exports have no influence over the US government. China has for a long time shown a willingness to lower the value of the Yuan, which cancels out the US import duties, and makes US exports more expensive in China.

Disney Studios Undergoes New Round of Staff Cuts - Hollywood Reporter.

China's retail sales growth slumps to 16-year low as trade war risks rise - Yahoo Finance.

Alibaba beat earnings estimates, revenue grows 51% in the quarter - Yahoo Finance. Can Alibaba Stock Run to $200 on Earnings Beat? - The Street.

Dip In US Retail Sales Unlikely To Last - Talk Markets. That is relative to official inflation? Store closures suggest higher inflation. Retail sales growth is dependent on further debt growth.

Macy's Guidance Impacted by China Tariffs - Real Money.

Exclusive: Tesla's solar factory is exporting most of its cells - document - Reuters.

China claims new breakthrough cuts lithium production costs to record low, EVs look to benefit - Electrek.

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Social Security just ran a $9 trillion deficit, and nobody noticed - The Hill.

San Francisco just banned facial-recognition technology - CNN.

Trade Wars: The Truth About Tariffs - Goldsilver.

Study finds direct oxidative stress damage shortens telomeres - MedicalXpress. "pollution, diesel exhaust, smoking and obesity".

Flu virus' best friend: Low humidity - Science Daily.

Tomato pan-genome makes bringing flavor back easier - Science Daily. Does it not depend on the soil?

German Transport Ministry Will Double Subsidies For Buying EVs? - InsideEVs. Politicians are so motivated to reduce all car emissions, this could become a popular policy.

Boeing Stock Falls ~5% on Longer 737 MAX Grounding Report - Market Realist.

Farm Crisis: Soybeans Crash To Decade-Low As Trade War Intensifies - Talk Markets.

On Twitter: Chris Gardner @chrissgardner: "Attention: the selfie ban is definitely in effect again this year. No personal photos on the red carpet at all. I saw two women try though—one was successful and other got interrupted by security and rushed inside. #Cannes2019." So, participants are not allowed to take photos of another awards ceremony nobody cares about, and therefore does not exist as far they are concerned. "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" - Wikipedia.

I’m 30 but I’d ride the hell out of this solar-powered electric mobility scooter - Electrek.

The electric vehicle revolution will come from China not the US - Universal-Sci.

Monday 13 May 2019

How much more a pair of sneakers will cost in the US with Trump’s China tariffs - Quartz. Trump supporters say they are willing to walk barefoot for their supreme leader.

Saudi Arabia says 2 oil tankers attacked near UAE - Financial Times.

Trade war: China hits back with new tariffs on US goods - business live - The Guardian.

Trump warns China not to retaliate against tariff hike - Reuters. It is unnecessary to retaliate, because the US has made its exports more expensive all by itself. Some US branded exports don't actually say were they are made. They are probably not made in the US. In that case, the idea of increasing exports to boost manufacturing could be flawed.

Entrepreneurs are thriving along the West Texas “Death Highway” - Quartz.

415.26 parts per million: CO2 levels hit historic high - One possible reason is slower plant growth due less rain. The clean air campaign could be reducing the smoke particles required to seed clouds.

Sunday 12 May 2019

Trump Warns China to Act on U.S. Trade Deal or Face Worse Terms - Yahoo Finance. The manipulation of free trade by a country only damages its own economy in the long run.

There has been no response from the World Trade Organization on the US and China arbitrarily imposing import duties.

Saturday 11 May 2019

This robot can pick tomatoes without bruising them and detect ripeness better than humans - Yahoo Finance.

China Lists The Three Conditions To Agree To Trade Deal - Zero Hedge.

On Twitter: Late Night with Seth Meyers @LateNightSeth: "Duchess Meghan Markle gave birth to a baby boy, who is now 7th in line for the throne. Which if you ask me is just unfair, making a baby kill 6 people?" If you are in a royal family, you gots to have a master plan to take over the kingdom.

On Twitter: Stare Decisis @MsResJudicata: "Real wages have declined for most Americans, despite huge gains in productivity over the last several decades. Look at this chart based on research from the Economic Policy Institute, which shows this problem clearly..." chart

Global Hard Disk Drive Demand In Free-Fall - Zero Hedge.

Friday 10 May 2019

On Twitter: Yahoo Finance @YahooFinance: 'Highlight: “Our industry is particularly exposed,” says American Apparel & Footwear Association CEO @rhelfen on apparel being affected by tariffs levied on China. “41% of all apparel… comes from China, 72 % of footwear, 84% of accessories…so we are highly exposed to China.” '

Japan tests world's fastest bullet train - CNN

Critic's Notebook: Welcome to the Age of Background TV - Hollywood Report.

Elon Musk Just Couldn't Stay Quiet About Jeff Bezos' Moon Lander - Science Alert.

The U.S.-China trade war just got a lot worse. And there’s no quick fix for relations - LA Times.

U.S. Gives China a Month for Trade Deal as Talks Deadlocked - Bloomberg. The idea that the Chinese government could decide which US products their population want is absurd. In return Trump will order Chinese meals for every-one. The only way for the US to sell more is to scrap all import restrictions (including for governments services), subsidies, and financial bailouts, which would weaken die US dollar, and make US products more competitive. The weakening dollar would result in capital flight, which would instantly create a trade surplus.

On Twitter: Jennifer Jacobs @JenniferJJacobs: "The China trade team has left for the airport. A White House statement on the trade talks is coming out soon, we’re told."

Ericsson ConsumerLab report busts myths surrounding the value of 5G for consumers - IOL.

On Twitter: Lukas Stefanko @LukasStefanko: "Teenagers trying to make phone call on ancient apparatus": video.

Donald Trumps business failures were very real - New Yorker.

Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner: "#Uber’s dull thud may startle unicorn herd. The lack of positive excitement for the biggest listing of a U.S. technology company since Facebook in 2012 suggests investors are becoming more choosy." Dirge pricing - Breaking Views. Profit since founding chart. If autonomous cars from another service provider (e.g. Tesla) are shown to be safer, it won't be good for Uber and Lyft.

US imports from China is down for March, compared to a year ago, but the level is not unusual compared to previous years, as shown on the FRED chart below. Import duties are beneficial if US exports are essential. It forces other countries to lower prices to compensate for the import duties, by a drop in the value of their currency. Other countries are effectively forced to offer more goods in exchange for US exports. This is one of the main reasons the US economy has grown for two decades – exploitation of cheap labour in other countries (the other being debt).

Due to years of import protection, subsidies and financial bail-outs, US labour is already so much more expensive that an extra 25% tariff makes little difference. It works for low cost US exports, like software and television programs, but not labour intensive industries like manufacturing. Expensive US exports have encouraged other countries the develop the same products. Cheap labour in other countries tends to drag down wages. Debt is required to maintain living standards. Imports protection ends up damaging the economy. The Democratic Party should do an audit to see how many products Donald Trump buys that are made in China.

Thursday 9 May 2019

Internal growth is strengthening (China) - Global Source Partners.

As tariff hike looms, China asks U.S. to meet it halfway, denies backtracking - Reuters. It is impossible for Trump to balance trade without stopping the capital inflow. He could achieve this indirectly by making the dollar and economy unattractive to invest in. He has to beat the inflation in other countries, like China. In the past, countries decoupled from gold so they could devalue their currencies.

On Twitter: St. Louis Fed @stlouisfed: "U.S. #trade deficit widened slightly in March, increasing 1.5% to a seasonally adjusted $50 billion": chart.

On Twitter: TheStreet @TheStreet: "Breaking - FCC votes to deny China mobile U.S. market access". The strong dollar, cheap imports, and economy growing on debt is the result of decades of protectionism.

On Twitter: Danielle DiMartino @DiMartinoBooth: “The California Association of Realtors’ concerns about affordability is escalating; the median California home price is $530,000 sidelining prospective buyers despite state’s 10-year low in unemployment and the strongest wage gains in nearly a decade”.

What Could Go Wrong? The Fed’s Warns On Corporate Debt - Real Investment Advice.

The Autobahn Just Became Electric - Popular Mechanics ZA.

Volkswagen's systems can't cope with 10,000 electric car orders - CNN.

Sick of getting returned sneakers, Nike tries new app on for size - Fin24.

British Presenter Fired After Posting Chimp Picture With Royal Baby Tweet - Variety. Jarvis Dupont @JarvisDupont: "I am APPALLED Danny Baker posted THIS TWEET yesterday because it is SO OFFENSIVE, and will have caused UPSET to many people. He sneakily deleted it, but luckily I have this screenshot so that even MORE PEOPLE can be OFFENDED by it. LOOK. AT. IT. KEEP. LOOKING. AT. IT.": photo.

David Beckham Banned From Driving in England for Using Cell Phone - Hollywood Reporter.

Wednesday 8 May 2019

How the Composition of Wealth Differs, from the Middle Class to the Top 1% - Visual Capitalist.

Perhaps It’s Time to Start Worrying About Global Corporate Debt, Suggests Bank of England - Wolf Street. China had high economic growth and/or high inflation, which makes debt growth more reasonable.

Markets Roiled After Trump Says "China Broke The Deal... They'll Be Paying" - Zero Hedge. If actual inflation is higher than the official rate, the US could be in a multi-year depression already. And now there is also a repeat of the Great Depression trade restrictions.

Beware Of The ‘Permanently High Plateau’ Fallacy - Real Investment Advice. Up to now debt growth has excellerated each time to keep the economy growing. The party ends when the cost of higher interest rates cancels the benefit of more debt.

On Twitter: Bjorn Hojgaard @bjornhojgaard: "It never really was about trade. What has changed for good is America’s view of China from a friendly, ascendant power to an adversary economically, politically and militarily. That this is brushed off as a trade spat is simply astonishing. Pain is coming." No, Trump is looking at the large trade deficits the US has with China, and other countries. In 2018 the US bought $540B from China, whilst China only bought $120B from the US, a deficit of -$420B. US total trade deficit with the world was -$879B, due to capital inflow. If not for this capital inflow, the US would have had a trade surplus with other countries that matched all the trade deficits. China cannot buy minerals from mining countries, and balance its exports to other countries. What Trump will end up doing is to reduce all trade. The same thing happened during the Great Depression (1929-1939).

The US war on Mexican tomatoes has begun and consumers will pay - Quartz.

Tesla’s software lead is so big it should worry other automakers, AI expert says - Electrek.

"We Are Not Playing": VW Introduces EV Hatchback In $34 Billion Plan To Take Down Tesla - Zero Hedge. "The vehicle will start at less than €30,000, which is about the same price as the diesel variant of its Golf hatchback."

World's Second Largest Meteorite Discovered in Argentina - Physics-Astronomy. 30,800kg.

Intel commits to shipping 7nm chips by 2021, an aggressive change of pace - PC World.

Texas lawmaker calls vaccines 'sorcery,' verbally attacks prominent advocate - Chron.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

On Twitter: Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner: "#ECB deleveraging continues. ECB's balance sheet has shrunk another €13.7bn as weekly redemptions > weekly reinvestments. But total assets at €4,683.9bn still near record, equating to 40.5% of Eurozone's GDP vs Fed's 18.5%.": chart. The drop in 2013-2014 corresponds with an economic decline. How much will the economy weaken when the big mountain goes down?

Got Milk? Cows, Not Needed: Scientists Bioengineer Milk - Zero Hedge. Pasteurization changes the flavour of cow's milk.

On Twitter: zerohedge @zerohedge: "German manufacturing recession continues": graph.

US goods imports from China was $539.5B in 2018 ( It was 2.6% of the US economy (GDP of $20,494B in 2018). For the first two months of 2019 both imports and exports fell. It is not clear where on the website service data is. There is probably a trade deficit because China buys raw materials, like mining products, from other countries. Those countries buy more finished goods from the US than they sell to the US. It is virtually impossible to change this flow of goods.

Tiger Woods awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom - Sky News. What does it mean? Well, it either means he is free to ride into Washington on his horse, or he is no longer a black slave. The next step is to become a Lord, from where he can work his way up to become a Duke. He's ultimate hope is to be adopted by the royal family. Telling an African American he is now free is awkward. Freedom of the City: "The medieval term 'freeman' meant someone who was not the property of a feudal lord but enjoyed privileges such as the right to earn money and own land. Town dwellers who were protected by the charter of their town or city were often free – hence the term 'freedom' of the City."

European Commission cuts Eurozone 2019 GDP growth forecast to 1.2% from 1.3% previously - Forexlive. The statistics are so finely calculated they have determined that Italy has growth of 0.1%. At the actual inflation rate, the eurozone economy has probably been declining for years. It is the reason for yellow vest protests in France.

Elon Musk Purchases $25 Million of Tesla Stock - The Street.

What Is a Jumbo Loan? - The Street. In 20 years that jumbo loan will be small relative the value of the property – the wonder of inflation.

Monday 6 May 2019

For all the hubub about the US-China trade war, trade is a fraction of China’s economy - Quartz. China's exports to the US is 3% or 4.5% of China's economy (GDP), depending on which internet data is correct.

The China Shanghai Composite Stock Market index fell -5.6% to a price/earnings of 13.4 (Ceicdata). Unlike US stock markets the index is not near a multi year peak – Macrotrends. The index is now lower than in Aug 2009, after a recovery in world stock markets following the collapse during the Great Depression.

Trump's policy will strengthen the US$ further, and will not be good for US companies selling products to the rest of the world. Apple Leads Tech Stocks Lower as Trump's New Tariff Threat Raises Sector Risks - The Street.

On Twitter: Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner: "GK on trade war threat: This is just last minute theatrics, designed to placate critics who think Trump settling for too weak a deal. Odds still favor an agreement in time for Trump & Xi to sign it ahead of G20 on Jun28. Risk brinksmanship will destroy deal has risen to 1 in 5." chart (Global trade volume).

Has The Fed Done It? No More Recessions? - Real Investment Advice.

Kraft Heinz to restate nearly three years of financial reports after investigation - Reuters.

All-Electric Car Range, Price & More Compared For U.S. – May 2019 - InsideEVs.

What Analysts Recommend for Gilead Sciences after Q1 Results - Market Realist.

Why Did Target Stock Fall? - Market Realist.

On Twitter: ian bremmer @ianbremmer: "In 2017, the top 1% of California’s earners were responsible for 47% of the state’s income tax collections. Incredible stat (via @axios)".

Radical desalination approach may disrupt the water industry - Science Daily.

Sunday 5 May 2019

On Twitter: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump: "For 10 months, China has been paying Tariffs to the USA of 25% on 50 Billion Dollars of High Tech, and 10% on 200 Billion Dollars of other goods. These payments are partially responsible for our great economic results. The 10% will go up to 25% on Friday. 325 Billions Dollars....". Minimum wage in China is 28% of the USA. The 25% tariff increases China's minimum wage to 35% of the USA.

Kia Niro EV Comes With No Excuses: It's The Most Important New EV’ - InsideEVs.

On Twitter: Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner: "Ouch! US household interest payments rising 15% you, hardly a good omen for consumption. (via DB)": chart.

On Twitter: Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner: "Buffett is also engaged in large-scale financial engineering: Berkshire Hathaway, sitting on a cash pile of more than $100bn, repurchased more in quarter than in all of 2018. Berkshire Ramps Up Stock Buybacks as Cash Pile Keeps Growing: chart.

Record Setting Flooding In The Heartland: “The Mississippi River Has Been At Major Flood Stage For 41 Days And Counting” - End of the American Dream.

Saturday 4 May 2019

Buffett knocks Elon Musk’s plan for Tesla to sell insurance: ‘It’s not an easy business’ - CNBC. If Tesla cars avoid accidents, and have fewer fires due to the absence of fuel, the insurance rates would be much lower, or the insurer make big profits. In addition to cheap insurance, you also have low maintenance and longer car life due to lack of a fuel engine. To carry on buying a fuel car when a superior product is available makes no sense.

Boon Times For Auction Houses As American Farmers Go Bankrupt - Zero Hedge.

James Woods Banned From Twitter As Silicon Valley Zaps Conservative 2020 Influencers - Zero Hedge.

Apple ‘overstates’ your iPhone battery life by up to nine HOURS, Which? claims – but experts warn the test is ‘meaningless’ - The Sun.

On the FRED chart below interest rates (red) rise until it causes a recession, which results in unemployment (blue) rising. Since 1980 the peak interest rate that has resulted in a recession has decreased. Debt has grown to a point where a small increase in interest rates results in a recession, which has probably started already.

Friday 3 May 2019

On Twitter: Liz Ann Sonders @LizAnnSonders: "Be mindful of this when you hear “there’s no risk of a recession with the unemployment rate so low” (gray bars are recessions)": chart.

On Twitter: Will Meade @realwillmeade: "I see people are excited about Buffett-Berkshire taking a position in Amazon $AMZN, to me its a huge sign of a major top. It tells me Buffett and his team can’t find any value bargains so they style drift and buy a growth stock with a PE of 95. When everyone chases its a top." The Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) share price tumbled about 50% in 2008-9. So not exactly a portfolio that is cleverer than the rest of the market.

Federal Reserve officials crack open door to rate cut - Financial Times. Yes, keep the bubbles going, and impoverish workers properly.

Alternate Inflation Charts - Shadow Stats. From 8 Aug 2016: If people knew the actual inflation rate, it would implode the entire system - Business Insider.

The latest drop in the unemployment rate was for the wrong reason - Market Watch.

Adidas shares hit record as ecommerce boosts profits - Yahoo Finance.

Huawei Overtakes Apple to Become Second Biggest Smartphone Maker - Bloomberg. People, particularly Asians, probably bought more Huawei products, and less Apple, because of Trump and the arrest of the Huawei CFO.

Inside the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars’ ‘Next Level Bougie’ Girls’ Trip to Paris - US Magazine. Who are these people and why is there no yellow vests protest?

Thursday 2 May 2019

n 2025 the USA Could Produce More Oil Than Saudi Arabia and Russia Combined - Next Big Future.

On Twitter: Yahoo Finance @YahooFinance: ' Highlight: Productivity rises 3.6%. “It’s a little early to say this is the start of a new trend,” says @WellsFargo’s Mark Vitner. But “something has changed.” @bart_ark adds: “A lot of this… is related to the strong investment trends that we have been seeing.” ' Productivity tends to improve because worker wages do not keep up with the actual inflation rate. They produce the same goods for effectively lower pay.

On Twitter: Charlie Bilello @charliebilello: With 71% of companies reported, S&P 500 earnings up 2% year-over-year, slowest growth in 3 years. $SPX: chart. Taking into account share buybacks, the profit growth might be around 0%.

On Twitter: Irene @goldmarketgirl: "The main problem of Western the world is that producers are a becoming more and more a MINORITY as socialistic governments grow and take more from less producers to hand over to a growing MAJORITY that want something for nothing (aka free)."

30,000 march for public education in North and South Carolina - World Socialist Web Site.

$2 trillion: The Infrastructure Answer To What Question? - Cato Institute. From 20 Feb 2019: Trump seeks to recoup 'wasted' California high-speed rail funds - BBC. A new definition of infrastructure will include a border wall.

The Tesla Equity Raise: Fool Us Again, Elon! - The Street. To build more factories requires more capital. After all the factories are built, and provided car sales are maintained, profits should improve every year as inflation devalues debt.

From 18 Jul 2018: 7 Smokable Plants You Can Grow That Aren’t Marijuana - Modern Farmer. Best question to ask at a plant nursery: "Can you smoke it?". How to Make Herbal Cigarettes - WikiHow.

'Avengers: Endgame' Midnight Audience Potentially Exposed to Measles - Hollywood Reporter.

Kellogg to replace CFO, earnings dive 36.5 percent; shares drop - Reuters.

Caterpillar hikes dividend, gives details on services push - Reuters.

Beyond Meat surges 135% in its IPO debut - CNBC. A real beef burger would taste good right now. There are a lot of vegan burgers: Here Are 8 of the Best Vegan Burgers That Money Can Buy - Chooseveg. Ikea is working on a new meatless meatball - CNN.

Food trucks are going all-electric - Electrek.

Breakthroughs in Neuromorphic Computing Could Speed Computers and AI By Ten Times - NextBigFuture.

On Twitter: Brian Cheung @bcheungz: ' "Stephen Moore told Trump the "unrelenting attacks on my character have become untenable for me and my family." Adds "Trumponomics has been VINDICATED" ': text. It is wonderful what you can do with $72 trillion in debt (FRED).

The FRED chart below shows the ratio of the Wilshire 5000 stock market index, to all US debt:

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Twitter doubles down on live streaming, attracting major partners - Yahoo Finance.

The US Federal Reserve, like central banks everywhere else, relies on inflation measurements by another government department, which is not "independent". This means interest rate decisions are not independent. They should add that disclaimer every time they use the word inflation.

UNLOCKED: The Curious Case of Rising Fuel Prices and Shrinking Inflation - Real Investment Advice. Anyone can take their monthly bills from a year ago, and compare it to the price of the same items today, to determine their own inflation rate. If that figure is not over 5% it would be surprising. It is mainly imported goods that have had low price increases over the last decade or two, and they make up a small part of the inflation basket. (If nominal economic growth is 5%, and company profit growth lags revenue growth, it suggests inflation is above 5%).

Preserving the contents of the New York Public Library in a teaspoon of protein, without energy, for millions of years -

Tesla Gigafactory 3 drone video update: it is starting to look like a factory only 3 months in - Electrek. The speed with which car manufacturers are creating EV factories is amazing. Either electric cars are going to take over in a few years, or there is going to be a lot of useless factories. Nissan LEAF Sales Drop Down In U.S. In April 2019 - InsideEVs.

On Twitter: Charlie Bilello @charliebilello: "Netflix Stock Price vs. Free Cash Flow...": chart.

Were Apple’s Q2 Results Dismal? Numbers Don’t Lie, but Hopes Can - Market Realist.

Partial Cellular Reprogramming to Reverse Aging in Cells - NextBigFuture.

Some 80 percent of Somalis live on Swiss welfare - Free West Media.

Tuesday 30 Apr 2019

On Twitter: Yahoo Finance @YahooFinance: 'Highlight: "It was a very constructive meeting," @SenSchumer said in a press conference about meeting with President Trump to discuss infrastructure plans. "It’s clear that both the White House and all of us want to get something done in a big and bold way." ' They will have to boldly borrow the big money. Governments should only borrow for capital projects. Now, after squandering $22T they want to invest in infrastructure.

Icahn Rips MMT, Warns It Could Lead to an ‘Inflationary Spiral’ - Bloomberg. The reason it spirals out of control is because governments refuse to cut spending, and so increases spending to keep up with the inflation they cause.

From 18 Feb 2016: Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire - Visual Capitalist. Minting more coins led to hyperinflation. Answers the question: what will happen to enormous debt in developed economies.

Trump sues Deutsche Bank and Capital One to block House subpoenas - Reuters.

Samsung Electronics bets on better second half after first quarter profit slumps - Reuters.

Pope Joins Soros In Funding Immigrant Caravan Invasion Of US Southern Border - Zero Hedge. The fact that people are still migrating shows how bad news coverage is in South America. Have these people even heard of Trump?

Charter Loses 145,000 Pay TV Subscribers in First Quarter - Hollywood Reporter.

Hyundai To Deliver 1,600 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks In Europe? - InsideEvs. Besides the fact that energy can't be recovered when braking, as it can with an electric vehicle: Hydrogen Cars Have 4× Annual Fuel Cost & 2–70× The Carbon Debt As Electric Vehicles - Clean Technica: "Hydrogen fuel cell cars are the bad idea that refuses to die, zombies revenant from their ~2005 grave, lurching forward into transportation discussions over and over".

Eli Lilly misses estimates for diabetes drug Trulicity, cuts revenue forecast - Reuters.

Mastercard profit rises 27 percent as it processes more payments - Reuters. Duopolies are very profitable, with Mastercard making 39% net profit in 2018.

On Twitter: Charlie Bilello @charliebilello: "Apple has bought back 1.9 billion shares in the past 6 years, bringing shares outstanding down to their lowest level since 2000. With $75 billion more buybacks announced today, trend set to continue for some time. $AAPL": chart. On a price/earnings of 18, this is a poor use of shareholder profits.

Monday 29 Apr 2019

Some investors are living in a parallel universe and forget what happened 20 years ago - CNBC.

Alphabet revenue dented by cooling Google ad business - FT.

There is no fundamental limit to how high a stock market can rise, despite a weakening economy, but it does mean it has further to fall.

On Twitter: Liz Ann Sonders @LizAnnSonders: "A first: 3 years of deteriorating budget deficits without recession @Gavekal": chart. Other signs also suggest a declining economy for the last 3 years. Keeping the official inflation rate down to show real economic growth has become universal practice, which also writes off debt through high actual inflation. It is what third world countries have always done, by printing money to pay for government expenses or debt.

Boomers Are Facing A Financial Crisis - Real Investment Advice.

On Twitter: Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner: "#Germany may already be in recession, @DiMartinoBooth says in latest weekly Quill, as inventory run-up continues. Difference betw auto export expectations & auto inventories has dropped to -42.9, lowest spread since Jun2009. Comps have excess inventories of unsold goods to unload": chart.

On Twitter: Sean Mitra @AerrolRoll: "Hey @elonmusk and @Tesla, why would you sell cars in Canada that pick up snow into the bumper? Our #Model3 three is two weeks old and this is what we get... I was excited to get a #tesla but this has a really disappointing experience."photo. Tesla cars can also be used to scrape ice of the road. What a versatile vehicle.

Mansion Crisis: Hamptons Home Sales Tumble To 7 Year Low - Zero Hedge. Vacation homes are the first to be sold when an economy weakens.

Sunday 28 Apr 2019

Lousy Shale Economics: Financial Troubles Continue At ExxonMobil - Talk Markets.

Saturday 27 Apr 2019

China Plans to Build a Moon Base Near the Lunar South Pole - Space. New space race? Kennedy said 57 years ago: "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too." ( Finding out what the "other things" were, is also hard.

Safety Panel Urges Patience in SpaceX Crew Dragon Investigation - Space.

Race to 300 mph: Automakers compete for a major milestone - CBS.

Minneapolis could join a Wisconsin city in removing its dams - MPRnews.

A Mountain of Trash Threatens the Future of Everest Tourism - The Points Guy.

Canada’s new far right: A trove of private chat room messages reveals an extremist subculture - The Globe and Mail.

T.O.'s budding pot tourism industry must overcome hurdles to become lit - Toronto Sun.

Half of all land in England owned by less than one percent of the population - World Socialist Web Site.

The dead may outnumber the living on Facebook within 50 years -

Cal State campus ditching 'Prospector Pete' mascot after complaints that Gold Rush hurt indigenous people - Fox News.

Friday 26 Apr 2019

Central Banks Have Broken Capitalism - Bloomberg. Politicians must stop freely spending other people's money.

Tesla's Musk agrees to new vetting rules for tweets in SEC deal - Reuters. It is far easier for all interested parties to follow Elon Musk on Twitter, than to try and get the infomation from the SEC. Wikipedia: "The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an independent agency of the United States federal government". Another inefficient government organisation run by burocrats.

There is another source of economic growth statistics, namely stock markets. The revenue growth of all companies corresponds to real economic growth + inflation. Their profits give an indication of cost inflation. If there is real economic growth, one would expect for profit growth to exceed revenue growth. The feared ‘earnings recession’ is not showing up in the first-quarter numbers - CNBC: "As of Tuesday, when just 26% of S&P companies reported, earnings looked to be down 1.1% for the first quarter."

There could be various reasons why company profit growth lags revenue growth. Inflation is measured per item, which can't be seen in the overall figures. One possible scenario is that volume fell, the selling price of goods were raised (to get nominal economic growth of 5%), but was not enough to cover fixed overhead costs. The economic growth is far more likely to be high inflation being underreported.

Dividend Stock Analysis: International Paper Company (IP) - Talk Markets.

Colgate-Palmolive Tops Q1 Earnings Forecast on Solid North American Sales - Talk Markets. "Colgate-Palmolive said diluted earnings for the three months ending in March came in at 67 cents per share, down 9.5% from the same period last year".

Thursday 25 Apr 2019

On Twitter: J.D. Durkin @jiveDurkey: "an ape figuring out how to use a smartphone is the beginning of the end for us idiots": video.

Lyft beats Uber in one key area for business riders, survey finds - Yahoo Finance.

On Twitter: Wilshire 5000 @W5000: "Wilshire 5000 Dips Another $50 Billion".

Jim Cramer: My Bet's on the 'Ladies' in This Year's Draft - Real Money.

Ford earnings: 44 cents per share, vs 27 cents expected - Yahoo Finance.

Amazon smashes earnings expectations - CNBC. Expensive on a price/earnings of $1902.25/~4x$7.09 = 67, net profit margin of 5.9%, and revenue growth of +17%. Retailers usually have low profit margins. Without a further increase in margins, profit growth is limited to the revenue growth rate.

On Twitter: Charlie Bilello @charliebilello: "Amazon Revenue up 17% over the past year, slowest YoY growth rate since 2015. $AMZN": chart.

Starbucks posts strong Q2 growth, boosted by US and China sales - Yahoo Finance.

Intel drops 7% on weak outlook - CNBC.

Volkswagen Chinese joint venture to build new electric car factory in Hefei, China - Electrek. Tesla is still deciding between California and Nevada for Model Y production - Electrek. The best place for a factory is just across the Mexico border.

Windows 10 May Update can’t be installed if you have a USB drive connected - Mybroadband. So make sure you keep something plugged in.

California scientists have found a way to translate thoughts into computer-generated speech - CNBC.

3M cuts 2019 profit outlook on weak China, shares fall 11 percent - Reuters. Dow retreats as 3M results disappoint - Yahoo.

Altria Missed Revenue and Earnings Estimates in Q1 - Market Realist.

Some cities have banned Uber (7 Places Around the World Where Uber Is Banned - Oyster). Parts of the world will probably also ban autonomous cars, so the public will either have to buy a car, or use inefficient public transport.

On Twitter: Lance Roberts @LanceRoberts: "It is incredible that @CNBC is crediting the rally to strong earnings when #estimates were lowered by 11% so companies could beat them. Corporate profits, which strips out share buybacks, tells the real story. $SPY $TLT #Profits": chart.

In 10 Years, Half of Elders Won’t Be Able to Afford Housing and Medical Care - Truthout.

Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

Fed Funds Rate Ticks Up To 2.44%–Highest Since 2008 - Talk Markets. Another bad sign.

Why America is learning to love budget deficits - Financial Times.

Warren Buffett: ‘I’m having more fun than any 88-year-old in the world’ - Financial Times.

Why Domino's Pizza sales are starting to go ice cold - Yahoo Finance.

On Twitter: Pete 'Mance' Raymond @ThePeteRaymond: image (College federal loan).

Tesla Misses Estimates But Forecasts a Stronger Second Half: 8 Key Takeaways - The Street. First quarter sales was too low to cover expenses. Was the same a year ago. Cars sold have increased 110% compared to a year ago, but car revenue was only up +37%, as the average price per car dropped from $85,400 to $55,700. Does it make sense to build a cheaper car in an expensive labour country? The 2018 price/sales is $258.66/$125.9.

Chipotle beats profit, revenue estimates as online sales surge - Reuters. Expensive on a price/earnings of $709.75/~4x$3.4 = 52, with net profit margin 7.2% for the quarter.

Facebook jumps as Stories users and ads show promising growth - CNBC. No growth in user numbers, as can be expected. The amount businesses that can make from advertising must be limited. An economy is dependent on actual products/services.

Microsoft Shares Poised For Record High After Q3 Blowout as Cloud Outlook Shines - The Street. Monopolies are great businesses – you can sell crappy products, and charge what you like.

High prices are luring Africans into prospecting for gold. But huge volumes are smuggled out through the Middle East. - Reuters.

Apple Price Target Raised To $234 From $222 At Morgan Stanley - Talk Markets. Their products must be approaching market saturation. What they need is a smart phone that can communicate with alien space craft using the interplanetary protocol.

New type of silicon promises cheaper solar technology - You don't need to be a Ph.D. to know that solar panels do not work at night of when it is overcast, unlike coal power stations.

Tesla says the exploding car feature is optional, and available on all new models X, Y, Z. Highway Vehicle Fires (2014-2016) - US Fire Administration, FEMA: "Each year, from 2014 to 2016, an estimated 171,500 highway vehicle fires occurred in the United States, resulting in an annual average of 345 deaths; 1,300 injuries; and $1.1 billion in property loss."

Recording this prediction for future reference: On Twitter: Squawk Box @SquawkCNBC: "This might be the year Tesla implodes," high-profile tech investor Paul Meeks says of the carmaker. "The gig may be up for $TSLA".

Triple Battery Density in 3-5 Years for Triple Electric Car Range - Next Big Future.

Big Oil Traders Accused of Cheating Puerto Rico’s Power Utility - Bloomberg.

61-bedroom Oregon manor selling for just under $9 million - Fox News.

Tuesday 23 Apr 2019

On Twitter: St. Louis Fed @stlouisfed: "Median sales price of new homes sold in March was $302,700, down 4.0% from February and 9.7% from a year earlier": chart.

It Was All About the Stimulus, Not Fundamentals - The Street. "to reduce debt by structural deleveraging". Is debt ever reduced? For more than 50 years US government and household debt has only gone up (nominal $ value). It is only reduced by inflation.

Whirlpool Surges After Q1 Earnings Beat as US Gains Offset Slower Global Growth - The Street. Profit growth is limited by revenue growth.

Verizon Beats Q1 Earnings as Wireless Revenue Hits $22.7 Billion - The Street.

Twitter Soars After Revenue Beat Despite Losing 6 Million Users In Last Year - Talk Markets.

Kimberly-Clark Stock Rose on Stronger-Than-Expected Q1 Results - Market Realist.

YD Delivers First Electric Refuse Truck In Southern California - InsideEVs.

Meet B. fragilis, a bacterium that moves into your gut and evolves to make itself at home -

FAA Approves Google's Drone Delivery Business - Talk Markets. Shoot them down. They should be called buzzers. A droning noise is usually low pitch.

Dozens of Chilean ‘tourists’ tied to robbery spree in Southern California, police say - LA Times.

NVIDIA disputes some of Tesla’s FSD computer claims, but they miss the main point - Electrek.

Giant Idaho potato prop converted into Airbnb rental - Fox News.

The risks to migrants of crossing the English Channel - Economist.

US successfully removes 'sexual health' references from UN resolution on sexual violence - CNN.

Monday 22 Apr 2019

Disney Heir Abigail Disney Calls CEO Bob Iger’s $65 Million Pay ‘Insane’ - Huffpost.

U.S. home sales tumble as supply constraints linger - Reuters. "That was the 13th straight year-on-year decrease in home sales."

Visualizing 150 Years of U.S. Employment History - Visual Capatalist.

On Twitter: CNN Business @CNNBusiness: "Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he expects the company to have a fleet of self-driving taxis on the streets next year". If a company has superior autopilot to competitors, that would be a big opportunity. Probably not the case.

On Twitter: TalkMarkets @TalkMarkets: "Jobless Claims Fall To A Cycle Low". With $22T in government debt you can create a lot of jobs.

Tesla unveils its new Full Self-Driving computer in detail: ‘objectively the best chip in the world’ - Electrek.

Former Nissan boss Ghosn indicted on aggravated breach of trust charge - IOL. That should deter businesses from operating in Japan.

Sunday 21 Apr 2019

Five Reasons For The Weakness Of The Argentine Economy - Talk Markets.

Toxic Arsenic Found In Major Bottled Water Brands - Talk Markets.

Comedian Wins Ukraine Election In Landslide - Talk Markets.

The US is attacking Huawei and China — without its own 5G strategy - CNBC.

Saturday 20 Apr 2019

How Empires Fall: Moral Decay - Zero Hedge. Empires might decline because they concentrate wealth derived from their territories, which draw in migrants. The US does not physically occupy territories, but exploits cheap labour in other countries. By limiting imports, more money is made from exports, which creates the relative wealth migrants are attracted to. Increasing debt also creates more economic activity.

Claims of Shoddy Production Draw Scrutiny to a Second Boeing Jet - NyTimes.

Korea Completes 1340 MWe Nuclear Reactor - Next Big Future.

Friday 19 Apr 2019

Things are stacking up for NASA's Mars 2020 spacecraft -

Thursday 18 Apr 2019

The money illusion and housing corrections - Richardsongmp.

Reality Vs Fantasy: What To Watch For This Earnings Season - Real Investment Advice.

Samsung's new folding phones are breaking, and it's a potential fiasco - Business Insider SA.

On Twitter: TalkMarkets @TalkMarkets: "Retail Sales Surge 1.6% Wiping Out Dec And Feb Losses But Bond Yields Drop". The only thing surging is (unreported) inflation.

On Twitter: Drew Dudley @drewallendudley: "It's All About Who Reaps the Gains (Asset Bubbles) and Who Eats the Losses (Stagnating Wages)As this chart shows, the spending of the top 5% has far outpaced the spending of the bottom 95%, but as the chart of labor's share of the economy reveals, very little has trickled down.": chart.

On Twitter: Squawk Box @SquawkCNBC: "This aged well": Squawk Box @SquawkCNBC: "The analyst who called the decline in $Lyft now sees this for Pinterest, Uber, and Zoom. @JoeSquawk @andrewrsorkin @MelissaLeeCNBC". The investors who bought shares cheaply during the IPO (Initial Public Offering), sell when the share price drops, to make profit, causing the share price to return to the IPO price.

On Twitter: Sam Ro @SamRo: "Kitkat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup customers won’t tolerate price hikes. For every 1% increase in pricing, volume drops 2.1% and 3.9%, respectively. - UBS": graph.

On Twitter: Ivanka Trump @IvankaTrump: "Wonderful and productive visit to Côte d'Ivoire! #WGDP!": video. These people have probably no idea who Ivanka Trump is, or that the USA exists. The ones who learn about the first world, try to migrate there.

Wednesday 17 Apr 2019

Truck drivers see orders, miles fall in latest U.S. slowdown signal - Reuters.

World Trade Suffers Biggest Collapse Since Financial Crisis - Zero Hedge.

Intel dropped a bombshell and said it's giving up on the 5G smartphone business: 'There is no clear path to profitability and positive returns' - Business Insider SA.

Analysts still bullish on Netflix despite Disney challenge, Q2 warning - Yahoo Finance. Amazon Prime Video (Wikipedia) was launch in 2006, and subscription is $5.99 per month.

Mapping The Global Migration Of Millionaires - Zero Hedge.

Electric vehicles at the 2019 New York Auto Show [Gallery] - Electrek.

Tuesday 16 Apr 2019

On Twitter: St. Louis Fed @stlouisfed: "From the FRED Blog: Rent inflation has risen faster than overall inflation, but what really matters is still location, location, location": Is the rent too high?.

On Twitter: Nick @NickatFP: "Wooooooo" Percentage of IPOs with EPS<0.

IBM Tumbles After Reporting Worst Revenue In 17 Years As Cloud Hits Air Pocket - Zero Hedge.

Germans holding record amounts of gold -

Below is a FRED chart of Industrial Production: Durable Consumer Goods. Growth has slowed.

On Twitter: CNBC Tech @CNBCtech: "Netflix shares will climb as streaming platform becomes a global 'cultural necessity,' Deutsche says". Unless it has content people must see, viewers could easily switch over to alternative services.

Volkswagen Group To Produce 22 Million EVs By 2028: Over 50% In China - Electrek.

Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral - CNN. From 20 Mar 2019: Anger as France sees 10 Catholic churches attacked in ONE week - 'God will forgive, NOT ME - Express UK. On Twitter: Robert M. Cutler @RobertMCutler: 'Related story from last month. "Last Sunday, the historic Church of St. Sulpice in Paris was set on fire just after midday mass on Sunday. ... In February alone there [were] a record 47 documented attacks on churches and religious sites [in France]." '

Persecution of Huguenots under Louis XV - Wikipedia. "Under this duress, many Protestants converted to Catholicism; others fled the country." The bible in Exodus 34:7 says that God "visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children's children to the third and fourth generation." This would be more than 8 generations. It is more a sign of the decline of civilization.

Why 5G Cell Towers Are More Dangerous - Radiation Health Risks. Great opportunity to make money from all kinds of radiation protection devices, that will make no difference. From 2 Apr 2019: Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects - Take Back Your Power.

Monday 15 Apr 2019

We Have Seen This Happen Before The Last 3 Recessions – And Now It Is The Worst It Has Ever Been - Talk Markets. "Every year, publicly traded corporations spend hundreds of billions of dollars buying back their own stocks from shareholders, and much of that is being done with borrowed money."

On Twitter: Ivanka Trump @IvankaTrump: "Today, @USAIDMarkGreen, @DBohigian, and I visited Holy Trinity Church in Addis Ababa to pay our respects and honor the memory of the lives lost in the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash. My heartfelt sympathies to all the victims’ families and loved ones." photo.

VW unveils new all-electric SUV with long range and sleek interior - Electrek.

Europe backs copyright overhaul that threatens to hit YouTube and Facebook hard - CNBC. "This means they will have to acquire licenses from rights holders to be able to host such content in the first place." It is near impossible for the webhost to know whether user content is legitimate. They will have to block Europe from the websites.

Sunday 14 Apr 2019

Shale Cycles Faster, Boosting Returns - Talk Markets.

Tiger Woods won the Masters. The last time he won a major was in 2008. Another ominous sign for stock markets.

Saturday 13 Apr 2019

Like Energizer Bunny the Tesla Model 3 Will Keep Going for a Million Miles - Next Big Future. It is the long life batteries that make electric vehicles feasible. There were electric vehicles around 1900 (Wikipedia), but lead acid batteries can only be discharged and recharged about 300 times.

Stratolaunch Flies Has First Flight of World’s Largest Airplane - Next Big Future.

America’s Upper Middle Class Feeling the Pinch Too - Bloomberg: "An analysis of more than 87 million U.S. single family homes by ATTOM Data Solutions found that in 2018 property taxes rose by four percent annually on average. As of February, only incomes among the top 25 percent surpassed this rate an an annual basis, according to the Atlanta Federal Reserve. This means that for the rest, a greater share of income must go toward property taxes, leaving a smaller slice for everything else." Typical way the public pays for debt through inflation. To repay debt, the public must cut spending.

The S&P 500 index (and Wilshire 5000) is approaching new highs. With every stock market position one takes it is worth considering the upside and downside potential. The downside at these levels is much bigger than the upside. The US economy is running on debt. Governments everywhere are trying to inflate the debt away, without revealing the actual inflation rate. Inflation makes assets attractive, including the stock market, but some sectors are likely to do better than others. Inflation shifts wealth from workers to the rich who hold assets. This can already be seen in US store closures, which is partially due to online sales, but probably mainly the result of the public having to pay more for some sevices, and having less money left over for shopping. Statistics that is supposed to reflect the health of the consumer, such as consumer spending, is meaningless because it needs to be compared to the actual inflation rate.

The FRED chart below compares US economic output (GDP in blue) with federal government debt (red). The two levels are not directly comparable because GDP represents annual spending (income statement of a company), whilst debt is the accumulative effect of overspending (balance sheet of a company). For every $100 the government borrows, one could expect for multiples of the $100 to be spent during the year, as the money circulates through the economy (velocity of money supply). An increase in the red line was ineffective in pushing up economic output from 2008 to 2012. Since then the lines have move up at approximately the same rate, which means the extra debt has only been spent once during the year. The problem comes when the debt must be repaid.

On Twitter:
Elon Musk @elonmusk: "Please note that the price of the Tesla Full Self-Driving option will increase substantially over time".
Fred Lambert @FredericLambert: 'Is that what you mean when you say that Tesla vehicles are now "appreciating assets"?'
Elon Musk @elonmusk: "Yes".

Rivian R1T Truck & R1S SUV Wow NYC Ahead Of Auto Show: Video - InsideEVs.

Friday 12 Apr 2019

Disney unveils its Netflix streaming rival Disney+ - Yahoo Finance.

On Twitter: Liz Ann Sonders @LizAnnSonders: "There are now more $100 bills in circulation than $1 bills @DeutscheBank @SoberLook": chart. More cash suggests suspicious activity, just like Trump not wanting to release his tax returns.

On Twitter: Squawk Box @SquawkCNBC: "BREAKING NEWS: @Chevron to buy Anadarko for $33B in cash & stock. @andrewrsorkin breaks down the details $APC $CVX": video. A long time ago, the Standard Oil monopoly was broken up - Wikipedia: "It ordered Standard to break up into 34 independent companies with different boards of directors, the biggest two of the companies were Standard Oil of New Jersey (which became Exxon) and Standard Oil of New York (which became Mobil)".

Disney unveils its Netflix streaming rival Disney+ - Yahoo Finance. No barriers to entry, except for exclusive content, lead to plenty of competition and low margins.

Watch: SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy in first commercial mission - Tech Central. On Twitter: Bobak Ferdowsi @tweetsoutloud: "And congrats to @spacex on their incredibly landing of all three cores of the #FalconHeavy after a successful launch!": video.

Uber has spent more than $1-billion on driverless cars - Tech Central. It looks like people won't own cars in the future, but be driven around by a driverless taxi service, if not for the delay in the taxi getting to you.

Tesla starts offering leases for Model 3 - CNBC. It could be attractive if the leasing fee is less than monthly instal(l)ments on a lower-priced fuel car plus fuel cost.

On Twitter: (((The Daily Shot))) @SoberLook: "Chart: US nursing home care PPI -": chart. An attractive chart from an investor perspective.

On Twitter: Simon Kuestenmacher @simongerman600: "Since everyone is talking about black holes at the moment. Here is an astronomer explaining what a black hole is in five different levels of complexity from a 5 year old to another expert. My brain hurts. Source": video. What he seems to be saying, is that you cannot take a photo of a black hole with a Kodak Instamatic, unless it is Uranus.

Astronomers have found a black hole right here on earth – the Home To Win by Canadian television channel HGTV. They must have had black paint left over, so they also painted a Changeroom black.

What Went Wrong With Pensions — And Why The Whole World Should Be Worried - Talk Markets.

Amber Heard Details ‘Horrific’ Abuse By ‘Monster’ Johnny Depp In Response To Lawsuit - Huffpost.

Thursday 11 Apr 2019

Will the Real P/E Ratio Please Stand Up? - The Street. "What is the source of the huge discrepancy between 17.1 and 75.3 for the Russell 2000's P/E ratio? The inclusion or exclusion of companies with negative earnings."

More tech companies are selling stock that keeps their founders in power - Recode.

On Twitter: Walid @walid970721: "Trump in 2016: I love Wikileaks. Trump today: Uhhh, I know nothing about wikileaks. #DonaldTrump #JulianAssange #WikiLeaks #Trump #Assange": video.

Uber unveils IPO with warning it may never make a profit - Reuters.

Two trillion dollars in U.S. federal taxes - FRED. "A breakdown of personal, corporate, and foreign sources of revenue". The $2000B of taxes fall short of the $4110B spending by the federal government (US Government Spending).

The Myths Of Stocks For The Long Run – Part XII - Real Investment Advice. Anyone trying to invest today has to navigate enormous volatility due to short term speculation.

CEO sees Bayer 'massively' affected by herbicide litigation - Reuters.

Trump signs orders targeting states' power to slow energy projects - Yahoo Finance. If the US becomes a major oil exporter, it will join a number of other countries which dig stuff out of the ground in exchange for Chinese manufacturing.

For economic growth, look for low government spending to GDP: China 32%, France 55.7%, Germany 43.6%, UK 39%, USA 38%. And low debt.

The only logical outcome for Brexit is the withdrawal of the article 50 notice. It seems unlikely that a sufficient majority of public voters will be achieved in future referendums or elections, as well as members of parliament.

The US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin is not to be confused with "munchin", who is a big eater. The eating habits of the Mnuchin is unknown.

WikiLeaks @wikileaks: "Assange arrest video: "The UK must resist this attempt by the Trump administration": video.

Australian prime minister calls crisis election for May 18 - WSWS. "With his faction-wracked government beset by deepening economic and political crises".

It Took Half a Ton of Hard Drives to Store the Black Hole Image Data - ExtremeTech.

From 25 Jan 2017: Republicans propose bill to end UN membership - FreeWestMedia. A new UN should be created that promotes democracy and minority protection.

Wednesday 10 Apr 2019

The Trouble with Argentina’s Economy - Prohect Syndicate.

Current US Federal Government Spending - The Balance. "It's 21% of gross domestic product". According to Trading Economics it was 38% in 2017. Spending by states and local governments accounts for the difference.

REITs: The new tax loophole for investors - Banyan Hills.

Bed Bath & Beyond Falls Following Q4 Earnings, Lower Guidance - Talk Markets. Bed Bath & Beyond Shares Fall Despite Earnings Beat - The Street.

Texas Oil Production Could More than Double by 2025 and Surpass Saudi Arabia - NextBigFuture.

Chip and Joanna Gaines' New Cable Network Will Replace Discovery's DIY Network in Summer 2020 - People. Is it a network, channel or program?

Roadshow Says Hyundai Kona Electric Is Just a Car That’s Electric: Videos - InsideEVs.

Electric Car Holy Grail: The Facts Show No One Can Top Tesla - InsideEVs. Most people drive short distances. Price is probably number one. Autopilot could become the most attractive feature.

One possible reason why the profits of the S&P 500 companies grew much more than sales over the past 11 years is that sales prices were raised, whilst volume of items sold declined. The product of the two then results in low sales growth, but higher profits. It would mean consumer price inflation is much higher than the official figure. A common erroneous method of measuring inflation is to divide total sales by the number of items sold, without recording which items were involved. So, if the public were forced to buy cheaper goods, but in the same volume, it would be reported as low inflation.

Tuesday 9 Apr 2019

Self-Sufficient Floating Islands May Soon Become Reality - Zero Hedge. With civilizations in decline, people will have to live on their own islands in the future.

On Twitter: Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner: "Good Morning from #Germany where Target2 claims of Bundesbank on rest of the Eurosystem on course to the €1tn milestone despite end of QE. Have risen by €68.6bn in March, biggest monthly jump ever to €941bn, near record high.": chart. Chart corresponds with economic ups and downs.

Scarlett Johansson taken to Los Angeles police station following paparazzi incident - Fox News. "The actress was said to be in good spirits". Or the good spirits were in her.

Lori Loughin and Hubby just indicted for additional charge of money laundering - TMZ. The severity of the punishment for a crime is usually related to the losses suffered by the victims (Proportionality (law)). In this case the victims and their losses are difficult to determine. The victims are students who did not get admitted. The bribe of $500,000 is tiny compared to the $22,000,000,000,000 government debt that politicians have accumulated. The number of victims and their suffering will be far worse.

Paris fights smog with biggest ever EU electric bus purchase, 800 e-buses to replace diesel - Electrek.

Tesla releases new Autopilot safety report: more crashes but still fewer than when humans drive - Electrek.

Trump plans $11bn tariffs aimed at EU's aircraft, cheese and wine – as it happened - The Guardian. Not the cheese and wine.

Trump's cognitive deficits seem worse. We need to know if he has dementia: Psychologist - USA Today.

4 jobs robots will do at Walmart: Mop floors, scan shelves, sort items and more - USA Today.

How to Throw Down on YouTube - Advisor Perspective. "Advertising on YouTube is cheaper than other forms of media."

Netflix In Talks To Acquire Hollywood’s Historic Egyptian Theatre From American Cinematheque - Deadline. Grauman's Egyptian Theatre - Wikipedia: "In 1996, the city of Los Angeles sold the theater to the American Cinematheque for a nominal $1 with the provision that the landmark building be restored to its original grandeur and reopened as a movie theater."

Global economy cooling, coordinated stimulus may be needed: IMF - Reuters. Governments cause the boom and bust economic cycles, through interest rates. It starts with politicians increasing spending and taxes until the economy stalls. Then interest rates are lowered, which leads to inflation. Interest rates rise to suppress the inflation, and so the cycle continues, instead of dealing with the underlying problem of high government expenditure.

The FRED chart below shows federal government tax receipts (green) increasing before a recession (grey bands). The tax shown is only 10% of GDP (economic output in red), whilst government spending to GDP was 38% in 2017.

Monday 8 Apr 2019

Americans are paying for 'one lasting penalty' 10 years after the financial crisis - Yahoo Finance. "But their leaders are about to get grilled on Capitol Hill this week". The financial crisis was caused by the low interest rates set by government, due to a weak economy, as a result of interference in the free market by government, and high government expenditure.

How Western Economies Can Avoid the Japan Trap - Project Syndicate. The main problem in Japan is that government expenses and taxes are too high. Same for most of Europe except Germany. Same in the US, where the government borrows to fund the budget deficit.

On Twitter: Reuters Business @ReutersBiz: "Self-driving cars won’t dominate the roads anytime soon, the chief scientist of Uber's autonomous vehicle unit says at a @Reuters Newsmaker event ". Could go down in history as another 25 Famous Predictions That Were Proven To Be Horribly Wrong: Number 17: "The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty—a fad." - -The president of the Michigan Savings Bank advising Henry Ford's lawyer not to invest in the Ford Motor Co., 1903.

Argentina’s borrowing costs rise as yields hit new highs - FT.

Can We Stop Pretending Now? 7 'Exceptional' Myths That Trump Has Exposed - Zero Hedge. "... he vowed not only to balance the budget but to pay off the entire national debt within eight years."

Chart of the Day: The Incredibly High Administrative Costs of US Health Care - The Fiscal Times. Add to that cross subsidization. Members with healthy habits pay for the poor lifestyle of others. Single members usually support the children of other members.

Sunday 7 Apr 2019

China Has Already Won. But We’re Fighting The Wrong Fight - Talk Markets.

Tesla Keeps Cranking Out Battery-Electric Cars While Toyota Won’t Budge - InsideEVs. A small fuel generator to charge the battery of an electric car could make sense for long trips. It could operate at optimum efficiency with the cleanest emissions, but then you still have to service the generator. Watch How Tesla Autopilot Reacts To Different Oversized Loads: Videos - InsideEVs. Volkswagen Begins Level 4 Autonomous Driving Testing In Hamburg - Clean Technica.

Queen Elizabeth Expected to Invite Donald Trump for State Visit in June - People. The world is eagerly awaiting more faux pas.

Henry Winkler on His Post-Happy Days Struggle to Get Work — and How He Came Back - People. He could have opened a chain of Arnold's Drive-In type restaurants.

Watch As Tesla Model 3 Accelerates And Slams Into Car While On Autopilot - Zero Hedge. It doesn't make sense that autopilot works well under very difficult conditions, but fails in simple one lane driving. In some previous accidents the driver apparently ignored alerts from the car to take control, or fell asleep. Tesla says: "A driver can easily override Autopilot by lightly touching the steering wheel or brakes." A driver could accidently disengage autopilot when they fall asleep. Whatever the situation, autopilot needs to significantly safer than human driving.

Japan debt

Why does Japan not have the problems of countries like Greece despite a debt to GDP ratio of 253% in 2017 (Trading Economics)? It is difficult to find clear information on the internet, with the usual superficial searches. Some websites mention high external debt, whilst others say most debt is held by the Japanese public. Some give high private debt, whilst other give low private debt. The question is what does the government do with the debt?

The government does have a budget deficit, which has decreased from -9.5% in 2009 to -4.5% in 2017 (Trading Economics), but relative to the growth in debt, little of the debt is used to fund government spending. Which means the debt is not used to keep taxes down, to leave the public with more money to spend. Personal income tax rates have increased from 50% from 2009 to 56% in 2018. (Trading Economics).

The central bank has invested in the stock market and in government bonds (Kuroda defends Japan central bank's ETF buying, sees no near-term exit - Reuters). BOJ's government debt holdings hit record in fourth quarter - Reuters: "The central bank held 41.1 percent of all government debt at the end of December". This is normally to keep interest rates down. The low interest rates have not created a property bubble: The Japanese house price index has changed little over 12 years (Ycharts). Investing it in the stock market is high risk. The Nikkei stock market index has doubled since the fall in 2008, and is up 24% since the previous peak in 2007 (Trading Economics).

Saturday 6 Apr 2019

Trump’s Border Threats Snarl Truck Traffic - Yahoo Finance.

On Twitter: Yahoo Finance @YahooFinance: "Samsung patented a design for a bendable phone": video. The world has reached peak mobile phone. Hold out for 100G. This will communicate telepathically.

On Twitter: Elon Musk @elonmusk: "Latest Autopilot update is epic. Rolling out to all US owners with Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving option. International coming soon.": Dr. Camilo Ortiz @DrCamiloOrtiz: "Im amazed. My car drove me practically all the way home, with no input from me, changing lanes, merging on and off of 3 highways, in rush hour, in the rain, in NYC traffic!!! Stunned. @Tesla @elonmusk": video. Incoming revolution. Other car manufacturers have been caught napping.

Lyft is threatening litigation against Morgan Stanley, accusing the firm of supporting short-selling - CNBC. (Is Leslie a stock Picker or nose Picker?)

From Lambos To Minivans; German Automakers Colluded To Prevent Better Emissions Tech: EU - Zero Hedge. To try and remove all undesirable by-products from a combustion engine seems to idealistic. Governments will eventually go the Norway route.

Friday 5 Apr 2019

Stock Market Briefing: S&P 500 Revenues & the Economy - Yardeni Research. The revenue per share is only up 1.4% per year since the peak of 2008 (figure 1), or total sales 1.2% per year (figure 9).The S&P 500's share of the economy has declined since 2008 (figure 3). Earnings per share has increased 5.1% per year (figure 22). The S&P 500 index has increased 6.6% per year since the peak in 2008. The rise in the stock market is not out of proportion to the rise in profits. One of the main reasons for profit growth could be the shift of manufacturing to cheaper labour countries. Trump has unsuccessfully being trying to stop it, because businesses will do whatever they have to do to make more money. It is dependent on the US being able to export goods/services of greater value in return.

What Deleveraging? Global Leverage Continues To Break Records - Real Investment Advice. The moment debt stops increasing, the economy goes into a recession. Governments are speeding towards a disaster, and nobody dares to stop. How does this end? Somewhere between Greece and Venezuela. Either way there is going to be suffering. Greece is not allowed to print its own money. The economy declined from $354B in 2008 to $192.69B in 2016 (Trading Economics). The debt to GDP remained near 180% from 2011 to 2017 (Trading Economics). So the amount of debt has been reduced, but relative to the size of the economy remains very high. Since 2018 the debt has increased again (Trading Economics).

Euro zone agrees to disburse 970 million euro grant to Greece - Reuters.

On Twitter: Holger Zschaepitz @Schuldensuehner: "Of course, Wall Street likes Modern Monetary Theory (#MMT). US Benchmark index S&P 500 is moving upwards in step w/ US total debt." Modern Monetary Theory Finds an Embrace in an Unexpected Place: Wall Street - NY Times. chart.

First-quarter earnings are expected to be lousy, but the stock market may not care - CNBC.

As The Madness Turns - Talk Markets.

Germany’s Economy Almost Slipped Into A (Two-Quarter) Recession Last Year - Talk Markets. Don't worry, inflation will be adjusted (to whatever it takes) to show the Eurozone economy is still growing. Economic growth of 2.3% equates to a doubling in the standard of living over one generation, 30 years apart (excluding population growth). Looking at the standard of living of the new generation it is doubtful whether there is any economic growth.

Eurozone – Rotten To The Core - Talk Markets. And there you go - lower inflation.

Jim Cramer: The Truth Is the SEC Has No Juice With Musk - Real Markets. The accounts of companies, including number of cars sold, could have been completely computerized for decades already. Companies could post daily results. There is no reason why the market needs to be surprised every 3 months.

There is a lot of media coverage over a US-China trade deal. What is the US going to buy from China (and will they do it through Alibaba)?

There is big insider dealing in shares going on at Amazon. Musk wants to know whether this has been cleared with the SEC.

Brexit: EU's Donald Tusk 'suggests 12-month flexible delay' - BBC. Tusk means big tooth, but in the song by Fleetwood Mac it apparently had a different meaning: Songfacts. The headline writes itself: May tells big horn she is very flexible.

Rocket fuel that's cleaner, safer and still full of energy -

VW seals 10-year lithium deal for electric cars -

San Francisco suburb says 'Yabba Dabba Don't' to Flintstones house, owner fighting back - Fox News.

Thursday 4 Apr 2019

IMF chief points to global growth deceleration - World Socialist Web Site: “Only two years ago, 75 percent of the global economy experienced an upswing,” she said. “For this year, we expected 70 percent of the global economy to experience a slowdown in growth.” Apparently stock markets do not look ahead as is often claimed, but are instead delusional.

Why aren’t Boeing executives being prosecuted for the 737 Max 8 crashes? - World Socialist Web Site. "This speaks to the corrupt relationship between the US government and the aerospace giant".

US government’s net worth is now NEGATIVE $75 TRILLION, by Simon Black - Straight Line Logic.

On Twitter: zerohedge @zerohedge: "German manufacturing economy in total collapse": chart.

On Twitter: (((The Daily Shot))) @SoberLook: "Chart: US crude oil production": chart.

What The Next Recession Will Look Like - Real Investment Advice.

The worldwide growth in government debt is similar to money printing in Venezuela or Zimbabwe to pay for public support. By borrowing money and delaying payment for government services, governments are effectively giving the public money to spend. This is worse than private debt, because people don't release they are spending borrowed money. Eventually money will be printed to pay for the debt.

Tesla Model S / X sales crash against anticipated upgrade, end of full US tax credit, Model 3 cannibalization - Electrek. Perhaps people bought more cars in December whilst drinking during the festive season. In January they sobered up. New products often show high growth initially, and then drops off. More advertising, product variation, and new markets are prescribed. Musk's public coverage might no longer enough to promote the brand.

On Twitter: Yahoo Finance @YahooFinance: "Highlight: “This is the beginning of the end for $TSLA,” says Empire Financial Research Founder Whitney Tilson. He adds: “I predicted a $100 stock price by the end of the year — and that’s a prediction I’m sticking to.”

Elon Musk assists Sheryl Crow after Tesla screen goes black, singer says she's stuck in parking lot - Fox News. "More than 5,600 fans replied to Crow's tweet and submitted dozens of suggestions — but no one's expertise on the subject compared to Tesla's own CEO Elon Musk." The internet is full of useless advice. When Sheryl sang in the car, the car's artificial intelligence couldn't take it anymore, and shut down.

Ilargi Meijer: Boeing's Problem Is Not Software - Zero Hedge.

Microsoft Will Finally Let You Choose When to Install Windows 10 Updates - ExtremeTech.

Ford Mustang Mach-E, Emblem Trademarks Hint At Electrified Future - InsideEVs.

On Twitter: Jimmy Kimmel @jimmykimme: "A surprise visit to my childhood home in the middle of the night… ": video.

The World-Wide Suppression of Interest Rates Has Been Something Very Near to a Crime - The Market NZZ.

Wednesday 3 Apr 2019

The sensor believed to be at the heart of a Boeing 737 Max disaster was reportedly repaired at a workshop in the US before the crash - Business Insider SA. Boeing 737 Max trouble grows after first Ethiopian report – the Wall Street Journal - Biznews.

Tuesday 2 Apr 2019

China’s Decade of Sweeping Economic Change - Project Syndicate.

"Breathtakingly Terrible Idea": Top Democrat Proposes Taxing Unrealized Capital Gains - Zero Hedge. Most capital gains are due to the inflation the government creates. Basically the government is gradually dispossessing assets. From 29 Mar 2019: Howard Schultz: America's wealthy 'need to be paying more tax' - Yahoo. Most taxes are passed on as higher prices, so poor people can pay for it. If people actually lost money due to tax, they will stop doing whatever caused them to lose money.

On Twitter: Reuters Business @ReutersBiz: "Norway becomes first country to see more than half of all car sales accounted for by electric vehicles": video. Ahmed looks like your typical Norwegian.

News about Turkey collapsing due to high debt is resurfacing. Turkey’s Bubble Is Bursting - Talk Markets, and How Turkey Created a Debt Crisis - Bloomberg. It differs from 14 Dec 2018: Turkish private sector foreign debt falls - Hurriyet Daily News. According to Turkey Private Debt to GDP - Trading Economics, it was already at 170% in 2016 and 2017. Turkey's external debt declined during 2018: Turkey Total Gross External Debt - Trading Economics. Seen over decades, present levels are not that unusual: Turkey: External debt - The Global Economy.

The Brexit saga exposes a flaw in the process. Members of parliament do not necessary agree with the referendum result, and therefore do not support any of the Brexit deals. There should have been a general election in which Brexit was the only campaign issue allowed, so that the public's view would be represented in parliament.

The size of government debt per person is astounding. US data is the easiest to find on the internet. US government debt is $22,000B. Divided by the number of households of 128M, the government debt works out to $172,000 per house. The average house price is $200,000. Normally, a house would be by far the biggest debt a person would take on in their life, which they would pay off in 20 to 30 years. The US public owes almost as much as the value their house through government borrowing.

Trump border closure would be ‘like decreeing that it should stop raining’ - Yahoo.

Monday 1 Apr 2019

Is The Stock Market As Confused As You Are About A Recession? - Real Investment Advice.

This Portfolio of Comeback Kids Keeps Delivering the Goods - Real Money.

Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo samples fail Indian quality test; company rejects findings - Reuters.

Americans Would Run Out Of Avocados In 3 Weeks If Trump Closes Border - Zero Hedge. Holy guacamole.

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